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Chapter 006

Human Resource Management - Chapter 006

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Management (MGH)
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Joanna Heathcote

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CHAPTER 6 EMPLOYEE SELECTION 23 October 2013 OVERVIEW OF THE SELECTION PROCESS SELECTION is the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill existing or projected job openings Overall goal of selection is to maximize hits and avoid misses The cost of one type of miss would be the direct and indirect expense of hiring an employee who turns out to be unsuccessful The cost of the other type of miss is an opportunity cost someone who could have been successful did not get a chanceHIGH MISSHITInaccurate Prediction Accurate PredictionPerson would have Person succeeds on the succeeded on the job jobJOB PERFORMANCE HIT MISS Accurate PredictionInaccurate Prediction Person would not havePerson fails on the jobLOW succeeded on the jobLOWPREDICTED SUCCESS HIGHBEGIN WITH A JOB ANALYSIS Job specifications help identify the individual competencies employees need for success KSAOsknowledge skills abilities and other factors that lead to superior performance Selecting individuals who match the values and cultures of their organizations is called valuesbased hiring A drawback is that it can result in lack of diversity so firms need to be cautious about hiring too many of the same types of people THE SELECTION PROCESSEmployment Preliminary Initial InterviewSupervisorTeam Background Completion of Testing Hiring Decision Selection in HR in HR Aptitude InterviewInvestigationApplication DepartmentDepartmentAchievement Organizations use different means to obtain information about applicants These include gathering resumes and applications and conducting interviews tests and investigationsOBTAINING RELIABLE AND VALID INFORMATION It is essential that information obtained be reliable and valid and gathered legally and that the privacy of the applicants be safeguardedRELIABILITY is the degree to which interviews tests and other selection
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