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Management (MGH)
Sujay Vardhmane

MGHB12Week 1Chapter 1 The World of Human Resources ManagementHuman Resources Management the process of managing human talent to achieve an organizations objectives also known as human capital talent management and intellectual assetsWhy Study Human Resources ManagementoAll HRM issues are relevant to line managers as they are to managers in the HR deptoBc employee skills knowledge and abilities are among the most distinctive and renewable resources on which a company can draw their strategic management is more important than everoHR managers have to help blend many aspects of management competitive challenges or employee concernsBy balancing sometimes competing demands HR personnel help firms get the most from their employees by providing a work environment that meets employees shortterm and longterm needs Competitive Challenges and Human Resources ManagementoThe following issues areCompeting recruiting and staffing globallyEmbracing new technologyManaging changeManaging talent or human capitalResponding to the marketContaining costsCompetitive Challenges and Human Resources ManagementChallenge 1 Competing recruiting and staffing globallyoCompetition and cooperation w foreign companies has become an important focal point for businessoBy partnering w firms in other regions of the world and using information technologies to coordinate distant parts of their businesses companies have shown that they can offer customers anything anytime anywhere around the worldoGlobalization the trend toward opening foreign markets to international trade and investment
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