MGHC02H3 Chapter -: The Motivational Benefits of Goal Setting

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Management (MGH)
Phani Radhakrishnan

The Motivational Benefits of Goal Setting • Goal Setting theory: one’s conscious goals affect what one achieves o Goal: object or aim of action o Having a specific goal improves performance o People with specific hard goals perform better than those with vague goals or specific easy goals o Goal is a standard for assessing one’s satisfaction o Psychological outcomes of setting and attaining high goals ▪ Enhanced task interest ▪ Pride in performance ▪ Heightened sense of personal effectiveness ▪ Practical like benefits • Causal mechanisms of goal setting o Committing to a goal: divert attention to goal-relevant activities and away from goal-irrelevant activities o Goals energize people ▪ Challenging goals lead to higher effort than easy goals o Goals affect persistence ▪ High goals prolong effort; tight deadlines lead to a more rapid work pace than loose deadlines o Motivate people to use knowledge they have that will hep them attain the goal or discover the knowledge to do so • Conditions for effectiveness o Must have the ability and knowledge to attain the goal ▪ Set specific high learning goal rather than an outcome goal ▪ Learning goal: requires people o focus on understanding the task that is required and to develop a plan for performing it correctly o Must be committed to the goal, especially if its difficult ▪ Goal commitment likely if outcome is important to the person,
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