MGHC02H3 Chapter -: The Big Bang: The Evolution of Negotiation Research

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Phani Radhakrishnan

The Big Bang: The Evolution of Negotiation Research People: separate people from the problem o Three landmark events Relationships Every negotiator has two kinds of interest Negotiators strive to achieve favourable negotiated outcomes Place value on relationship with other party Emotions Subjective perceptions o More likely to allocate resources equally o Friends are less competitive with each other than with strangers o People more cooperative with friends but that doesnt mean better quality deals o Friends too willing to compromise fail to come up with options for mutual gain o Negative emotions tie people to the problem o Positive emotions partition people from the problem o Happy negotiators more cooperative an identify greater mutual gain o Negotiators can create emotional reactions with the other parties o Less demanding against angry component more likely to concede o Understanding conflicts Understanding others perspective o Reactive devaluation: negotiators perceiving concessions made by the opponent as benefitting the opponent Encourage individuals to evaluate proposals objectively Focus on interest not position o Identify interest underlying parties Overcome fixedpie perception to identify interest
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