Chapter 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Joanna Heathcote

CHAPTER 7 GROUPS AND TEAMWORK WHAT IS A GROUP? o GROUP Two or more people interacting interdependently to achieve a common goal o Group memberships are very important for two reasons First groups exert tremendous influence on us (beliefs, values and attitudes and behaviours) Groups provide a context in which we are able to exert influence on others o FORMAL WORK GROUPS groups that are established by orgs to facilitate the achievement of organizational goals o INFORMAL GROUPS Groups that emerge naturally in response to the common interests of organizational members GROUP DEVELOPMENT o TYPICAL STRATEGIES OF GROUP DEVELOPMENT FORMING getting to know each other, testing the waters STORMING conflict often emerges at this point NORMING members resolve the issue and develop social consensus PERFORMING group devotes it energies toward task accomplishment ADJOURNING Some groups, such as task forces and design project teams, have a definite life span and disperse after achieving their goals Members often express emotional support for one another o PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM A model of group development that describe how groups with deadlines are affected by their first meetings and crucial midpoint transitions Phase 1 although gathers info and holds meetings little is done towards the goal Midpoint Transition they either move forward or they dont, may need outside help Phase 2 burst of activity
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