Chapter 11

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Management (MGH)
Joanna Heathcote

CHAPTER 11- DECISION MAKING WHAT IS DECISION MAKING? The process of developing a commitment to some course of action PROBLEM A perceived gap between an existing state and a desired state o WELL-STRUCTURED PROBLEMS A problem for which the existing state is clear, the desired state is clear and how to get from one state to another is fairly obvious o Orgs try to make programs to help with the decision making process for well structure problems PROBLEMS A standardized way of solving a problem o ILL-STRUCTURED PROBLEMS A problem for which the existing and desired states are unclear and the method of getting to the desired state is unknown Generally unique in nature, complex and have never been encountered before THE COMPLEAT DECISION MAKER-A RATIONAL DECISION-MAKING MODEL o PERFECT VERSUS BOUNDED RATIONALITY PERFECT A decision strategy that is completely informed, perfectly lofical, and oriented toward economic gain Can gather info about problems and solutions wo cost and is thus completely informed Is perfectly logical Has only one criterion for decision making-economic gain BOUNDED RATIONALITY A decision strategy that relies on limited info and that reflects time constraints and political considerations FRAMING Aspects of the presentation of information about a problem that are assumed by decision makers COGNITIVE BIASES tendencies to acquire and process info in an error-prone way o They improve the efficiency but they are more likely to make serious errors o PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION AND FRAMING Perceptual defence perceptual system may act to defend the perceiver against unpleasant perceptions Problem defined in terms of functional specialty they will think its all their fault when the cause can be found elsewhere
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