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Management (MGH)
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CHAPTER 1 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR AND MANAGEMENT WHAT ARE ORGANIZATIONS? Organizations: social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort Social Inventions essential characteristic is the coordinated presence ofe, regardless of amount of physical capital they have People who represent both opportunities and challenges OB understand people and manage them to work effectively Goal Accomplishment All orgs work towards achieving desired results (goals of all kinds) OB concerned with how orgs can survive and adapt to change Behaviours people must have to survive and adapt: - Be motivated to join and remain in the org - Accomplish work reliably, in terms of productivity, quality and service - Willing to continuously learn and upgrade knowledge & skills - Flexible and innovative Group Effort Orgs depend on interaction and coordination among people to accomplish goals OB concerned with how to get people to practice effective teamwork WHAT IS ORGANZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR? Organizational Behaviour: the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in orgs OB studies these attitudes and behaviours and give insights on how to manage & change them How org can be structured more effectively (employee learning, motivation, culture, leadership) How events in their external environments affect orgs Interesting (human nature), important (managers, employees, consumers), makes a difference (competitive advantage) Goals of Organizational Behaviour: Predicting Organizational Behaviour allow prediction of future occurrence Explaining Organizational Behaviour complicated, may have multiple reasons find causes of certain behaviours predicted or occurred underlying causes can change overtime Managing Organizational Behaviour Management: the art of getting things accomplished in orgs through others If behaviour can be predicted & explained, it can often be controlledmanaged Plan, organize, resource, leaddirect, control Page 1 of 6 www.notesolution.com
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