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Management (MGH)

Chapter Three- Perception, Attribution and Judgement of Others What is Perception? Perception Process of interpreting messages of our senses to give ordermeaning to the environment Helps sort-outorganize complexvaried input received by sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing Actions of people frequently based on interpretation of reality given by perceptual system, rather than reality itself Key ON Application : Perceptions org. members have of each other Components of Perception Three Components 1. Perceiver 2. Target that is being perceived 3. Situational context in which the perception is occurring The Perceiver Perceivers experience, needs, emotions, can affect his or perceptions of a target Experience-one of the most important characteristics past experiences lead the perceiver to develop expectations, these expectations affect current perception Needs- unconsciously influence our perceptions by causing us to perceive what we wish to perceive (ie. Lonely uni. Students my misperceive most innocent action of opposite sex as flirtation) Emotions(anger, happiness or fear)-eg. When I am angry about not getting a promotion, the one who got a promotion comes to comfort me, but I may perceive the consolation as condescension bc of my own anger 1. Experience (Key) Leads to development of expectations that affect current perceptions 2. Needs Unconsciously influence perceptions Causes us to perceive what we wish to perceive 3. Emotions Unpleasant emotions can be defended against by perceptual system Perceptual Defense 1 www.notesolution.com
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