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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Notes

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Management (MGM)
Alison Jing Xu

Chapter 14 Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Notes The Promotion Mix promotion mix (marketing communications mix) blend of promotion tools (advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing) that firm uses to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationships advertising any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor; includes broadcast, print, Internet, outdoor, and other forms sales promotion short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service personal selling personal presentation by firms sales force for purpose of making sales and building customer relationships public relations building good relations with the companys various publics by obtaining favourable publicity, building up a good corporate image, and handling or heading off unfavourable rumours, stories, and events direct marketing direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships; includes catalogues, telephone marketing, kiosks, Internet, mobile, and more Integrated Marketing Communications The New Marketing Communications Landscape several major factors are changing the face of todays marketing communications(1) consumers are changing; (2) market strategies are changing; and (3) sweeping changes in communications technology are causing remarkable changes in the ways in which companies and customers communicate with each other the new communications technologies give companies exciting new media for interacting with targeted consumers at the same time, they give consumers more control over the nature and timing of messages they choose to send and receive The Shifting Marketing Communications Model advertisers are now adding a broad selection of more-specialized and highly targeted media to reach smaller customer segments with more-personalized, interactive messages, in a media range from speciality magazines, cable TV channels, and video on demand to Internet catalogues, email, podcasts, cell phones, and online social networks in all, companies are doing less broadcasting and more narrowcasting it seems likely that the new marketing communications model will consist of a shifting mix of both traditional mass media and a wide array of exciting, new, more-targeted, more-personalized media the challenge for traditional advertisers is to bridge the media divide that too often separates traditional creative and media approaches from new interactive and digital ones The Need for Integrated Marketing Communications conflicting messages from different sources can result in confused company images, brand positions, and customer relationships the problem is that these communications often come from different parts of the company mixed communications from these sources will result in blurred consumer brand perceptions integrated marketing communications (IMC) carefully integrating and coordinating the companys many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its products IMC leads to a total marketing communications strategy aimed at building strong customer relationships by showing how the company and its products can help customers solve their problems A View of the Communication Process today, marketers are moving toward viewing communications as managing the customer relationship over time because customers differ, communications programs need to be developed for specific segments, niches, and even individuals communications process should start with audit of all potential touchpoints that target customers may have with firm and brands to communicate effectively, marketers need to understand how communication works www.notesolution.com
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