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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Notes

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Management (MGM)
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Alison Jing Xu

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Chapter 16 Personal Selling and Sales Promotion Notes Personal Selling The Nature of Personal Selling personal selling personal presentation by firms sales force for purpose of making sales and building customer relationships salesperson an individual representing a company to customers by performing one or more of the following activities: prospecting, communicating, selling, servicing, information gathering, or relationship building The Role of the Sales Force personal selling involves interpersonal interactions between salespeople and individual customers personal selling can be more effective in complex selling situationssalespeople can probe customers to learn more about their problems and then adjust the marketing offer and presentation to fit the special needs of each customer Linking the Company with Its Customers in many cases, salespeople serve both the seller and the buyer salespeople find and develop new customers and communicate info about the companys products and services salespeople provide customer service and carry out market research and intelligence work they relay customer concerns about company products and actions back inside to those who can handle them Coordinating Marketing and Sales a company can take several actions to help bring its marketing and sales functions closer together at the most basic level, it can increase communications between the two groups by arranging joint meetings and by spelling out when and with whom each group should communicate and the company can also create joint assignments a company can also create joint objectives and reward systems for sales and marketing or appoint market-sales liaisonspeople from marketing who live with the sales force and help to coordinate marketing and sales force programs and efforts firm can appoint chief revenue officer (or chief customer officer)high-level marketing executive who oversees both marketing and salesas such person can hep infuse marketing and sales with goal of creating value for customers to capture value in return Managing the Sales Force sales force management analysis, planning, implementation, and control of sales force activities; it includes designing sales force strategy and structure, and recruiting, selecting, training, supervising, compensating, and evaluating the firms salespeople the major steps in sales force managementdesigning sales force strategy and structure recruiting and selecting salespeople training salespeople compensating salespeople supe
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