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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Customer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behaviour.doc

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)
Alison Jing Xu

Chapter 6Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer BehaviourConsumer Behaviourthe buying behaviour of final consumersindividuals and households that buy goods and services for personal consumptionConsumer behaviour is an ongoing process that starts long before the consumer purchases a product or service and continues long after they consume it Consumer marketall the individuals and households who buy or acquire goods and services for personal consumptionFactors Affecting Consumer BehaviourCULTURAL FACTORS culture subculture social classoCultureCulturethe set of basic values perceptions wants and behaviours learned by a member of society from gamily and other important institutionsEvery group or society has a culture and cultural influences on buying behavioural may vary greatly from country to country Failure to adjust to these differences can result in ineffective marketing or embarrassing mistakesMarketers are always trying to spot cultural shifts to discover new products that might be wantedoSubcultureSubculturea group of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations nationalities religions racial groups and geographic regionoSocial ClassSocial Classrelatively permanent and ordered divisions in a society whose members share similar values interests and behaviours occupation income education wealth and other variablesMarketers are interested in social class because people within a given social class tend to exhibit similar buying behaviourSocial classes show distinct product and brand preferences in areas such as clothing home furnishings leisure activity and automobilesSOCIAL FACTORS small groups family social roles and statusoGroups and Social NetworksGrouptwo or more people who interact to accomplish individual or mutual goalsMany small groups influence a persons behaviour directly Opinion Leadersa person within a reference group who because of special skills knowledge personality or other characteristics exerts social influence on others Marketers of brands subjected to strong group influence must figure out how to reach opinion leaders Marketers often try to identify 1
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