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Chapter 3

Ch. 3 and 6 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)

April 24, 2011 4:28 PM W4.Ch3,6,7: Consumer Behaviour Ch3:AnalysingtheMarketingEnvironment Micro-environment of Companies Marketing success means customer value and satisfaction, marketing mangers need the support from a number of different environments in order to satisfy that goal The Company Marketers must work closely with other departments to create the idea of think consumer Must encourage the company to provide superior customer value and relationships Suppliers Marketers must ensure there are no delivery delays or labour strikes to ensure that no sales are lost or affect customers satisfaction Marketers should treat the suppliers are partners in creating and delivering customer value Marketing Intermediaries : Marketers in intermediaries must merge in order to help each other ob- tain their desired goals, share costs and R&D Competitors : Marketers can develop competitive marketing strategies that challenge competitors weaknesses, and thus collect better rates of return Publics Publics:Any group with potential interest or impact on an organizations ability to achieve its ob- jectives Example: Financial publics determine funds, government publics, citizen-action publics may question or complain on the company and general public where their image of the company can affect they buying patterns Consumers : Marketer must focus on consumers in order to meet the objectives of the firm Macro-environment of Companies Demographic Environment www.notesolution.com
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