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Management (MGM)
Kyeongheui Kim

Ch 8: Problem Recognition and Information Search Problem recognition (Ideal vs. Actual state) Internal Information Search Extent Type of information retrieved Search biases External Information Search Where search occurs Extent Type of information acquired How information is searched Problem Recognition Consumer decision process begins with problem recognition the perceived difference between an actual and an ideal state. The greater the discrepancy bw actual and ideal states, and the higher the level of MAO, the more likely consumers are to act Problem recognition relates to consumption, disposition, and acquisition The Ideal State is a function of: o Expectations (usually based on past experience) about everyday consumption and disposition situations and how productsservices fulfill our needs o Future goals or aspirations o Major changes in personal circumstances (e.g. getting a promotion or becoming a parent) o Expectationsaspirations are often stimulated by our own personal motivations (what we want to be based on our self-image) and by aspects of our own culture (e.g. materialistic culture, social class, reference groups) Our perception of the Actual State is influenced by: o Physical factors (e.g. running out of a product, product malfunction, product becomes obsolete) o Needs (e.g. if youre hungrythirsty, actual state is not acceptable > unfavorable perception) o External stimuli (e.g. someone tells you Mothers Day is next Sunday > stimuli makes you realize you didnt buy a gift yet > unfavorable perception) Marketing implications o Marketers use 2 techniques to stimulate problem recognition: Attempt to create a new ideal state
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