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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)
Bill Mc Conkey

MGTD13Chapter 2Motivation Ability and OpportunityMotivationan inner state of arousal that provides energy needed to achieve a goal o Engage in behaviours make decisions or process information to acquire use dispose an offering o Outcome of a motivation takes a considerable effortHigh motivation leads to more effortin information processing and decision makingMotivated ReasoningProcessing information in a way that allows consumers to reach the conclusion that they want to reach o Biased way of thinking o Eg go on a diet and think diet products will definitely help us lose weightFelt Involvementselfreported arousal or interest in an offering activity or interest psychological experience of motivated personTypes of Involvement o Enduring Involvementlong term interest in an offering activity or decision egcar enthusiasto Situational Involvementtemporary interest in an offering activity or decision often caused by situational circumstances o Cognitive Involvementinterest in thinking about and learning information pertinent to an offering activity or decision eg related to a goal o Affective Involvementinterest in expanding emotional energy and evoking deep feelings about an offering activity or decision eg listening to music because it gives you intense emotionsObjects of involvementproduct or retail cars cosmetics experiences sky diving involvement w brands involvement w ads involvement w medium TV or internetResponse Involvementinterest in certain decisions and behaviours o It is important to specify the object of involvement For example you may really like a brand but also like an ad of another brand However your brand loyalty will win you over anywaysWhat affects motivationPersonal relevance something that has a direct bearing on the self and has potentially significant consequences or implications for our livesConsistency with SelfConcept o Selfconceptour mental view of who we are Helps define who we are and it frequently guides our behaviourValuesbeliefs about what is right important or good o If you find something important you are more likely to be motivated to engage in behaviours that are consistent with that valueNeedsAn internal state of tension caused by disequilibrium from an idealdesired physical or psychological state o Maslows Hierarchy of Needs SelfActualization Egoistic Social Safety Physiological
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