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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Managing brands over geographic boundaries and market segments

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Management (MGM)
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Bill Mc Conkey

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Chapter 14 managing brands over geographic boundaries and market segments Regional market segmentsRegionalization regional marketing with tailored communication programs for each region run counter to globalizationReasons for regional marketing o Need for more focused targetingo The shift from national advertising to sales promotionsDrawbacks o Production headaches o Marketing efficiency may suffer and costs may rise Other demographic and cultural segmentsDemographic and psychographic dimensions are related to differences in shopping behaviorsattitudes about brandscall for separate marketing programChallenges data on media habits buying behavior and etc and hard to obtainConsumers may not like being targeted because they are differentConsumers not in the targeted segment ma feel distanced Rationale for going international Forces contributed to growing interest in global marketingPerception of slow growth and increased competition in domestic marketsBelief in enhanced overseas growth and profit opportunitiesDesire to reduce costs from economies of scaleNeed to diversify riskRecognition of global mobility of customers Advantages of global marketing programsEconomies of scale in production and distribution o Lower costs derived from higher volumes in production and distributionLower marketing costs o Lower costs from uniformity in packaging advertising etc o The more uniform across countries the greater cost saving potentialPower and scope o Global brand profile indicates credibility o Signal social status and prestige o Assure quality everywhere in the world especially important for service brandsConsistency in brand image o Important in markets where theres more customer mobility or where media exposure transmits images across national boundariesAbility to leverage good ideas quickly and efficiently o Speed up brands market entry process by not having to develop strictly local versionsUniformity of marketing practices o Simplify coordination and provide greater control of the way the brand is being marketed across different countries o Greater attention can be paid to making refinements across markets
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