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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Ansoff's growth share matrix, brand extensions, 9 reasons for product failure

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Management (MGM)
Bill Mc Conkey

Chapter 12 Ansoffs growth share matrixCurrent Products New ProductsCurrent Markets Market penetration strategy Product development strategy New Markets Market development strategy Diversification strategy When a firm introduces a new product it has three choices for branding it 1 Develop a new brand individually chosen for the new product 2 Apply one of its existing brands brand extension 3 Use combination of new brand and existing brand brand extension sub brandBrand extension use established brand name to introduce a new product Subbrand new brand combined with existing brand Family brand parent brand thats associated with multiple products through brand extension2 categories of brand extensionthat targets a new market segment within a Line extension apply parent brand to new productproduct category the parent brand currently service Adds different flavor different form or size or different application of the brandfrom the one it Category extension apply parent brand to enter a differ
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