Chapter 2 Notes for Keller's Strategic Brand Management

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)
Bill Mc Conkey

STRATEGIC BRAND MANAGEMENT - CHAPTER TWO Kevin Lane Keller Motivation for Customer-Based Brand Equity Model Marketers know strong brands are important but arent always sure how to build one CBBE model was designed to be: - comprehensive - cohesive - well-grounded - up-to-date - actionable Rationale of Customer-Based Brand Equity Model Basic premise: - Power of a brand resides in the minds of customers - Challenge is to create the right brand knowledge structures to ensure customers have the right types of experiences with products and services through their marketing programs o Thoughts o Feelings o Images o Perceptions o Attitudes Building Customer-Based Brand Equity The CBBE model provides: - Branding ladder - building a strong brand involves a series of steps - Building blocks - strong brand is characterized by a logically constructed building blocks - Reinforces a number of branding tenets: 1. Customers own brands 2. Dont take short cuts with brands 3. Brands should have a duality (rational and emotional) 4. Brands should have richness - resonance 5. Brand resonance provides important focus
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