Chapter 8 Notes

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Management (MGS)
Professor Constantinou

Chapter 8 Looking for International Strategies NotesInternational Strategyinternational strategyprocess by which a firm approaches the crossborder activities and those of competitors and plans to approach them in the futurein the narrowest sense a firms managers need only think about international strategy when they conduct some aspect of their business across national borderswhether expanding internationally to reinforce a particular businesss strategy or as part of a corporate strategy international expansion is a form of diversification because the firm has chosen to operate in a different marketArenasInternational Strategy and Competitive AdvantageWhich geographic arenas123 Model of InternationalizationWhich channels in those arenasWhich value chain activities1WhyNOStopStagingpacingPositive economic logic2WhereWhen do we go internationalSupported by our differentiatorsSpeed of international expansionWhat new countries fit our differentiatorsStrengthensadds to our differentiatorsSequence of entry tacticsWhich ones can strengthenadd to our differentiatorsYESWhat hard and soft criteria do we use to Vehiclesevaluate themInternational market entry tacticsWhere is business fit the best The worstGreenfield3HowAllianceIf there are multiple opportunities which Do it on our ownAcquisitionones should be first second etcDo we need a local partnerHow big and how Hard CriteriaSoft CriteriaFitEconomic logicfastMarket sizeEconomic and political Human resourcesDifferentiatorsHow does our international strategy contribute to Size of target market stabilityGeographic proximityHow does being international differentiate us from the economic logic of our business and corporate segmentsRestriction on foreign Cultural differencesour competitorsstrategiesDoes expanding internationally make our products Future growthownershipRisk adversitymore attractive to existing or future customersPricing levelsFreedom of capital Internal company Will our existing differentiators be effective in Regulatory or statutory flowsresourcethese new marketshurdl
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