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Management (MGS)
Sandford Borins

BUDGET SIMLUATION 4 March 2014 2014 Federal Budget Assumptions (Average Private Sector Forecast) New Initiatives in the Budget • $40M to Canada Accelerator Program for entrepreneurs • Canada First Research Excellence Fund ($1.5B/10 years) • $40M/2 years for internships in high demand fields • Student owned cars no longer included in student assets when applying for Canada Student Loans • Search and Rescue Volunteer Tax Credit • Increase Adoption Expense Tax Credit • Retired federal public servants must pay 50 % of their supplemental health care plan premiums (up from 25 %) • $45M/5 years to expand National Anti-Drug Abuse Strategy to include prescription drug abuse • $4/carton increase in cigarette tax • $108M/3 years for veterans’ funerals and burials • Preference to eligible veterans for public service job competitions • $2.1M to improve online services to veterans Income Splitting • Conservative 2011 election campaign promise to implement income-splitting for families when budget balanced (higher-earning spouse may transfer $50K to lower-earning spouse if at least one child under 18) • Opposition from economists (Dept of Finance) and policy researchers (both left and right): few, mainly well off, benefit, expensive to implement • Support from caucus and Conservative base • Conflict between Flaherty (speaking for his department) and Conservative caucus • Balanced budget delayed (by revenue risk assumption) to delay dealing with income- splitting Program Department Smart Practices • Scale up popular and successful programs (RIDE, going green in the schools) • Show and emphasize future savings (if there are future savings) • $3B is less than 3 % of Ontario budget: little room for big proposals • MoF anticipates pro-rata departmental shares of $3B • Show costs for first year not 4 or 5 years, though MoF may ask about costs for future years • Put forward several modest proposals, not one large proposal; if one large proposal not accepted, you get nothing • Joint (multidepartmental) proposals may be more persuasive (e.g. Ag/Food and MTO on rural road upgrades, Natural Resources and MTO on road access to Ring of Fire) • Toronto is not Ontario (Ag/Food and Natural Resources non-TO) Central Agency S
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