Chapter 5

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Management (MGS)

S\`W^ SU`[^_ZX aWZU ZY^YSZ S` [ZS `^aU`a^W O S\ `S _`VW[U^SUXWVW^S __`Wc ` Z`S`__`W`W^W _SUST ZW` \S^ SWZ`S^Y[b` S\ `S _`W[U^SU O [ ` US WU[Z[ U__`Wc[_WT^[SV^a W_ \[_W`W_W bW_[Z`W_U[\W[X SU` [Z[XY[b`_ Z[Tb [a_SV_aT` WcS_ O [T ZW_US\ `S _`^W S` [Z_[X\^[VaU` [Zc `VW[U^S` UW WU`[^S Z_` `a` [Z_ `S`_S\W\aT USV Z O ``W^[[`[XUS\ `S _`WU[Z[ U__`W^ Y``[\b`\^[\W^`a_`TWVWXWZVWV `^[aY_`S`W_`^aU`a^W_Ta` ZSZSVSVW[U^S` U_[U W`S [^ `S^WZ[` US\ `S _`_SZV`Wc [X`WS [^ `a_`\^WbS O ^YSZ S` [Z[XY[b`a_`WW``WZWWV_[X`W\^[\W^`[ V ZYUS\ `S _`_T U^WS` ZY`WU[ZV ` [Z_X[^\^[X `ST `Ta`_` a_`TS SZUW` _SYS Z_` Z`W^W_`_ [X[`W^_ O ^YSZ S` [Z[X`W_`S`WX [c_ ZSbW^V ^WU`cSX^[`W Z`W^SU` [ZSZV`WZ_ [Z TW`cWWZUS\ `S _SZVVW[U^SU WVW^S _ O [Z_` `a` [ZS Sa`[^ ``[S!W Sc_V b VWVTW`cWWZZS` [ZS Y[b`SZV^WY [ZS Y[b`_ O [`S^WU[[^V ZS`WSZVW]aS Z`W ^[cZU[Z_` `a` [ZS _\W^W_ O ^YSZ S` [Z[XT[` WbW _[XY[b`_S\WVTWSU WbW #_^W_\WU` bWU[Z_` `a` [ZS ^W_\[Z_ T ` W_SZV`W^W_a ` ZY^W S` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ`W`c[ WbW _[XY[b` O G[ VWZ^a Wc[S_`W[ZWS!W_`W^a W_ O \WZV ZY\[cW^S `[aYZ[`X[^S c^ ``WZ`W_\WZV ZY\[cW^ _`W U[ZbWZ` [Z`S` X`WXWVW^S Y[b`S_[ZW`[_\WZV `S_`WSa`[^ ``[V[_[ WbWZ ZSZS^WS[X\^[b ZU S a^ _V U` [Z O S`W^_[X[ZXWVW^S` [ZYSbW[_`\[cW^_[bW^ __aW_ !WWVaUS` [ZWS `SZV _[U S \[ U`[\^[b ZUW_Z[c`[_WS^W`W[_`W$\WZ_ bW\[ US^WS_Ta` \^[b ZUW_V[Z#`SbW`W[ZWTa`XWVW^S Y[b`S_`W[ZWX _US TS SZUW ST ZW` S^ SWZ`S^G[b` O ^WWS [^T^SZUW_ 4 WUa` bWT^SZU^[ZS^UG[bW^Z[^GWZW^S ST ZW`c `\^ W Z _`W^ ZU aV ZY\aT U_W^b UW`S`SV Z _`W^_`W\^[Y^S_VWb _WVT `WW$WUa` bWSZV`WZVW^_SVb UW[Z`WX[^a S` [Z[X`[_W\^[Y^S_ 4 WY _S` bWT^SZU^U[Z_ _`_[X S^ SWZ`c U _V b VWV Z`[S [cW^ W WU`WVUSTW^US WV`W%[a_W[X[[Z_SZVSZS\\[ Z`WVa\\W^ USTW^US WV`WWZS`W 4 aV U ST^SZU^U[Z_ _`_[Xa\^WW[a^`SZVS `WU[a^`_SZV aVYW_ TW [c ` Z`WXWVW^S SZV\^[b ZU S U[a^`__`W_ O c[S ZXWS`a^W_[XUST ZW`\S^ SWZ`S^Y[b`^ 4 W S` [Z_ \TW`cWWZT^SZUW_[XY[b` 4 W S`WVXWS`a^W _`S`[Z_` `a` [Z`W _a_`S`UW^`S Z[XX UW_S^WU[ZXW^^WV c ``^WWZV[a_\[cW^_Ta`\^SU` UW^WbWS _`S``WV[Z[`SU`aS W$W^U _W`[_W\[cW^_4 `SZV^WS `X[^S SZV\[ ` US \[cW^_ `S__W^`_`S``^WWZV[a_\[cW^_SUU[^VWVT[Z_` `a` [Z`[ `W[ZS^US_`WX[^S WSV[X_`S`Wc[ _^W\^W_WZ`WVT`W G[bW^Z[^GWZW^S SZV& Wa`WZSZ`G[bW^Z[^S``W\^[b ZU S WbW c[S_`W\[cW^[ZTWS X[X`W[ZS^U`[VWU VWc U \[ ` US \S^`c X[^`WY[b`cWZ S^ SWZ` _V __[ bWVSZV cWZZWcW WU` [Zc TWUS WVSZV`W^ Y``[U[ZXW^^[S S__WZ` a\[ZS WY _ S` [Z\[cW^_S^W_T[ U^[ W_[XG[bW^Z[^GWZW^S SZVZ[ZW WU`WV[ZS^US^WUW^W[Z S ^ b[aZU SVb _[^T[V`S`W$W^U _W_`W\[cW^_U `WV Z`W [Z_` `a` [ZS_`W\^W^[YS` bW[X`W[ZS^U\S^`[XW$WUa` bW T^SZU ST ZW`S Ua^^WZ`SZVX[^W^ Z _`W^_[X`W^[cZ[Z Ua^^WZ`WTW^_[X`WST ZW`W$W^U _W`W\[cW^_ Z`W [Z_` `a` [ZU[_WZT\^ W Z _`W^c[WSV_`WST ZW`SZV S^Wa_aS Y[b`WTW^_[X`W%[a_W[X[[Z_ [Z_` `a` [ZSU[ZbWZ` [ZcWZ` ZY_SbWTWWZV[ZWSUW^`S Z cSX[^S [ZY\W^ [V[X` W `TWU[W_SU[ZbWZ` [ZW$\ S Z_c U[Z_` `a` [Z`W _a_`S`\[cW^ _W V Z[ZW\ SUWc W Z^WS ` ` _W$W^U _WV_[WcW^WW _W W_\[Z_ TWY[b`Y[b`S_^W\^W_WZ`WVTST ZW`a_`W$\ S Z `_W XSZVTWSUU[aZ`ST W`[`WW WU`WV^W\_[X`W\W[\ WS_^W\T %[a_W[X[[Z_ O a_`TW_[WWUSZ _cW^W\[cW^USZTW^W[bWV
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