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Management (MGS)
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Topic Goals Readings in the Text Key Events Partnerships Understand Willes, Chapter 16 Assignment on partnerships as a Smyth, sChapter 26 Partnerships posted vehicle for doing business Distinguish the various forms of partnership What should I be How can I tell when persons have formed a partnership? able to answer after When is a partnership desirable, or necessary? this class? How can you, and should you, structure a partnership? What are the risks, and difficulties of entering into a partnership? What is the difference between a general partnership, a limited partnership and a limited liability partnership? What is a sole proprietorship? What is a trust? What is the larger We are studying the legal structures in which persons can carry on context for this business. Partnerships are used when issue? (a) persons want tax losses to flow through to the partners, or (b) the law requires that the business be carried on through a partnership. Limited liability partnerships can help limit the general liability of partners in law and accounting firms. Limited partnerships can limit the liability of passive investors, so limited partnerships are often used as investment vehicles where tax losses can be used by high tax individuals. What are the key The unlimited liability of general partners for the debts and ideas? obligations of the business. The Partnership Act sets out defaults in a partnership relationship, so partners must consider how to structure a partnership if they wish to change these defaults. Partners are fiduciaries of one another and thus have dutiess. What do I do to Consider how partnerships differ from corporations, and how a prepare for next corporation develops from partnerships and trusts. class? What does limited liability mean? What does it mean that the corporation is a separate legal person? How can use corporate law to set up a suitable business structure? Topic Goals Readings in the Text Key Events Corporate Law I Understand Willes, Chapter 17 corporations as a Smyth, Chapter 27, vehicle for doing 28, Chapter 29, pp. business 662-665, 671-3 What should I be What does it mean that a corporation is a legal person? able to answer after What does limited liability mean, and when is it not limited? this class? How is corporate capital established and organized? What rights attach to shares in general, and what rights normally attach to specific classes of shares? How are debt and equity issues different? What is the larger We want to understand how a corporation can be used to carry on context for this a business. issue? How does a corporation differ from a partnership, and from other forms used for carrying on a business?s Since corporate share structure gives wide room for strategic planning, how can you organize the shares of a corporation to realize various goals? What are the key The corporation as a separate legal person, with limited liability ideas? The rights that attach to share classes and the ability to use share classes to plan a corporate structure What do I need to What role do directors and shareholders play in a corporation? think about as I What are the special duties of directors? prepare for next What are the powers of shareholders? class? How does corporate law protect minority shareholders? Topic Goals Readings in the Text Key Events Corporate Law II Understand the Willes, Chapter 17 First assignment is rights and Smyth, Chapter 27, due in this class. obligations of 28, Chapter 29, pp. corporate directors 662-665, 671-3 and shareholders What should I be What is the difference between the business and the affairs of a able to answer after corporation? this class? What are the powers and the obligations of the directors? What duties do the directors have, and what is the standard of care they must satisfy? What rights and obligations do shareholders have? How do shareholders exercise voting rights? What are the remedies available to minority shareholders? How do the different solvency tests work? How does the indoor management rule work? How does a corporation deal with pre-incorporation contracts? What is the larger We need to consider the rights and obligations of both corporate context for this directors and shareholders, so we know the planning possibilities issue? associated with corporations. We need to consider fiduciary duties, and how directors can satisfy them. We need to consider how the law protects minority shareholders, especially through the oppression remedy, so that directors and shareholders keep an even hand between the interests of the majority and the minority. What are the key How are the powers to act in the name of the corporation ideas? apportioned between directors and shareholders? What is a fiduciary duty, and how do the fiduciary duties limit what directors can do? What are the rights of shareholders, especially minority shareholders who consider that the corporation has been run in a way that prejudices their interests? What are the rights of persons outside the corporation in dealing with a corporation? What do I do to In negligence, what is meant by the duty of care, the standard of prepare for next care and causation? class? When does one person owe a duty of care to another person? What standard of care must a person meet? What are some of the problems with requiring that the negligence of a person actually cause the injury to another? What damages can be recovered in a negligence suit?
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