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Chapter 2 Notes

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H Laurence

Chapter 2 The Judicial System NotesThe Structure of the Judicial System y in Canada there are many different courts each with a different jurisdiction y in this context jurisdiction means the right or authority of a court to hear and decide a dispute y usually the court must have the authority to deal with cases of the particular type brought before it in addition to authority over either the parties or the property in dispute y with respect to the first type of jurisdiction the authority of the court may be monetary in the sense that the court has been authorized to hear cases concerning money up to a set amount or geographic it hears cases concerning land within the particular province or area where the land is situated y in the case of jurisdiction over the parties to a dispute the court must have the authority or power to compel the parties attendance or to impose its decision on them Summary The legal system is the vehicle by which the law is enforced This was not always the case however The development of the legal system has been evolutionary in nature The earliest courts were not courts as we know them today but simply meetings of the community Community pressure to support a decision was common until the Norman Conquest o
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