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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Notes

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Management (MGS)
H Laurence

Chapter 13Performance of Contractual ObligationsTHE NATURE AND EXTENT OF PERFORMANCEAnything less than complete compliance with the promise would render the party in default liable for the breach of contractIf the performance of the promises of the parties is complete the contract is said to be discharged Tender the act of performing a contract or the offer of payment of money due under a contractTender of Paymentif a promisor simply agrees to purchase goods from a seller performance is made when payment is offered to the seller at the required time and place fixed for deliverlegal tender may not be refused when offered in paymentie in the case of debt owing once the debt tenders payment to the creditor in the proper amount of legal tender at the required time and place the tender of payment is completeif the credit
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