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A+ Notes: MGTA03 Ch 3-5

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

approx 380 new businesses each day 25 millions business in Canadasmall businessownermanaged 100 employeesto be incl in Business Register must have 1 paid employee annual sales rev 30 000 or incorporatedconsidered small if100 employees goodsproducing or 50 employees serviceLabour Force Surveyselfemployedworking owner of unincorporated bus work for self but no bus or no pay in family busmajority of bus in Canada has no employees just ownernot incorporatednew venturerecently formed 12 mths commercial orgn providing GS1 when it was formed2 when incorporated3 sale of GSentrepreneurshipprocess of id opp and accessing resources to capitalize on itentrepreneurperson who recognize and seize opp organize resources to provide GSintrapreneurexhibit entrepreneurial charact within large orgn dont have to worry about getting resourcesprivate sectornot controlled by govtSMEssmall medium sized enterprisesoutperform large firms esp in contribution to employmentmost growth ofbus in service and highknowledge industrieswomen increasingly prominent role as entrepreneursEntrepreneurial process3 key elements entrepreneur opportunity resourcesThe Entrepreneur high need for achievement internal locus of control risk tolerance selfconfident3 Needs Motivation Theory McClelland NPow NAff NAchLocus of control extent in which ppl believe they can control events external vs internalRisk tolerance uncertainty of outcome from newcomplexunknown situationkids of entrepreneurs immigrants entrepreneurs are older than employees avg students womenIdentifying Opportunities
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