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Chapter 9

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Human Resource Management Set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing, and maintaining an effective workforce Human Resource Planning The key to attracting qualified human resources is planning. Planning involves Job Analysis and Forecasting Job Analysis – A detailed study of the specific duties of the job and the human qualities required for the job. (Includes Job description and Job specifications) Forecasting – Projecting the future. Demand for and supply of Labour Forecasting internal supply (The number and type of employees who will be in the firm at some future date) Forecasting external supply (The number and type of people who will be available for hiring from the labour market) Another method of Forecasting is using Replacement Charts – A list of each manager position and who occupies it, with how long they’re expected to stay, and who’s qualified of filling in that position When the company needs to fill positions, they call use an employee information system – a computerized system that contains information on each employee’s education, skills, work experience and career aspirations Staffing the Organization The top three characteristics in hiring are good work ethics, reliability, and willingness to stay on the job Once the company is in need of Human Resources they start to recruit new employees (Attracting qualified people to work here) Internal Recruits – Considering present employees as candidates for job openings (Promotion) External Recruits – Attracting people outside the organization to apply for jobs (Job fairs) ^- Internships – Short term paid position where students focus on a specific project Selecting Human Resources Application Forms or resumes about education and background info to see if you qualify for an interview Tests – testing ability, skills, and knowledge of the job Interview – meeting with the recruit and getting a better understanding of the person Others Include: Physical Examination, Drug tests Developing Human Resources Having Orientations to introduce the company’s policies and programs, personnel with whom they will be interacting with and the nature of the job. This breaks the ice for the new employee Work-Based Programs – Training and development activities directly to task performances On-the-Job Training – Thos
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