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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Management (MGT)
Murphy Lawrence

,@ f½ťD°¾f° °–° °¯°¾€¾ °¾¾ n°¯ n° °¯°ťn° °¾€n°¯n¾¾¯°nf°–f°f°½f¾ °f° °¯°ť°–¾ f°–f°f°¾° f¾f¯–f€€n O ¯°¾nn¾¾€f€f°¾°¾¾ @f¾€n°¯ n¾¯ť O @n°¯n– O @n°¯n¾f O ¯½¯° @¾,f¾n°¯ nť O –––f½ O ½f° f €°– O 9 O 9 n n°¯ n 9 n°–¯€°–¾½½f°½nf¾ţnf½€¾€¾½½¾ţff ¾f° f €°–€n¾¯¾Ŧ ¯f°¾½ n°–¯f° °–¯€€n° ,f¾–¾°–9f° ½½nf½f @f–––f½ ½½f° ½½nf½f¾½€fn½¾°°f°n°¯ţ¯f¾¾¯n°ff–fn ½¾°¾½ n°– ½½nf½f¾¾ţ¾f° f €°–¾¾°– ¾f° f €°–ť!½"½½f°#¯f¾€f½½nf°½nf¾ţf° $f€ n°¾¯½°ţ°¯¾€ff°°n°¯Ť ¾°¯f°$f€€° n°¯ ¾ °¾¾nť½f°€¾Ŵ¯½¾f° °¾!'½f°¾°¾f° n°fn°¾#°f°n°¯ n¾¾ °ť½ °–nf–––f½ţ¯f¾ 9ţ n°¾ ½¾¾ °ť½fnf¾f° °–Ŵf¾°–n¾¾° –––f!½ťf$f°€– ¾f° ¾n¾½ n f°n°¯n¾¾¯ °–f–° ½ f°f€ °–ťf$f°f° $f€– ¾f° ¾n¾ffn°¾n°¾nf°½nf¾ n°n¾ °n°¯n¾¾¯ ½ƽ9½f°ť O ½½nf½f°nf¾ O @n°¯n¾¾¯½ ¯– ¾"¾n¾f°½½f° )–½f° f ¾€*°–n°¯n¾¾¯¾–°– ,@ 9ťff€f– ¾f° ¾n¾½ n f–°½ f°f°fn°¯– ¯¾n€fn¾€½ n° -9ťff¾€f– ¾f° ¾n¾½ n f°f°fn°¯°f–°½ –f ¾¾€€fn¾€½ n°fnf ½° ¾°½°nf¾°–ff€f¾ff°½½f°Ŧ -¯ °f9ť9¯f¾ °n° f¾fn¯½°°¾f fn°½n¾ f9ť9nfnf fnn°€nf°–¾°n°nf¾f° ½nnf°–¾ 9nf¾ °–99f ť½°n½f'nf°–f¾f¾¾f½n¾€¾¯f½ n¾° €€°n°¾ff¾f¯ -¯ °ff°f9ť -¯°f9¾¯f¾ °n°½n¾f° n°nf¾ ,f9¾f ©¾ €°€f°€½n¾¾ ,f–f¾nfnf ¾°–f9 ¯½ n°.D¾°–f9€– [email protected]½¾€9 O -¯°fťnf°0°f ©¾ O ,fťnf°0½nf ©¾ O 999ťn¯½f °f¾1¾€– ¾!f n¯½f¾°# ½½½n°¾°ťf¾1°nf°0"f¾1°nfn°n nf9nfnf°¾¾¯€ťn°¾¯¾½° °–ţ–°¯°¾½° °–ţ¾°¾¾°¾¯°ţ° '½¾ @¾¾½° °–fnn°¾f¾ f¾ff€nfnf€f¾½ n ţ¾ ţf° °¾ @f¯½ť 23ť4 –04 -¯°f9ť04 24ť4 –045!½n°€f°# ,f9ť04!°€f°f ©¾ #½ nf¾°°nf¾ -¯°f9ť045 9n ť¯f¾€n°¯n–fn¯½f¾¯nf¾¾¯½ n¾ ¾n¾° ½ n O ½f° f €°–¯½¾°–°nf¾¾°½ n O ff°n€fťf€fn°¾'½¾Ŷ¯½¾ 9¾'½¾ƽ¯½¾ -–f¯½¾ƽ'½¾!f €n# O -f °f%ťff¯°€¯°f–°¯°¾¾n ¾ –€ n ť¾€–°¯°¾½° °–¯°°ff°f1¾° °– ff ,@ -½¾&ff°n€@fť @f½f€f¯¾'½¾f° ¯½ ţ €€°n°f€'½¾f° ¯½¾¾ff°n€f €f½ €fn° 7¯½¾ƽ'½¾ƹ°–f! €n# @'½¾ƽ¯½¾ƹ½¾ @D° f¾f¾¯¾€ n ¾nf¾ ¯½¾f¯f°½¾Ŧ@D –¾ ¯°fn€¯°¾f° °¾¯°Ŧ ,f9–¾f¾½ n–
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