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Ch 8promotionPromotion any technique designed to sell a productit is part of the communication mix the total messagea company sends to consumers about its productoTwo general values to be gained from any promotional activity regardless of the particular strategy or told involved communicating information and creating satisfying exchange oThe ultimate goal of any promotion is to increase sales However marketers also use promotion to communicate information position products add value and control sales volume promotional objectiveso1 Information may be communicated in writing newspapers and magazines verbally in person or over the telephone or visually television a matchbook cover or a billboard o2 Product positioning the establishment of an easily identifiable image of a product in the minds of consumers o4 Increasing promotional activities in slow periodsoOnce a firms promotional objectives are clear it must develop a promotional strategy to achieve these objectives Promotional strategies may be of push or pull varietyPush strategya promotional strategy in which a company aggressively pushes its product through wholesalers and retailers which persuade customers to buy it Pull strategy a promotional strategy in which a company appeal directly to customers who demand the product from retailers which demand the product from wholesalers advertising pulls while personal selling pushesoThere are four type of promotional tools advertising personal selling sales promotions and publicity and public relationsPromotional mix the portion of marketing concerned with choosing the best combination of advertising personal selling sales promotions and publicity and public relations to sell a productIn establishing a promotional mix marketers match promotional tools with the five stages in the buyer decision process1 Buyers must first recognize the need to make a purchase At this stage marketers must make sure that buyers are aware of their products Advertising and publicity which can reach many people quickly are important
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