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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Chapter 9 Understanding Securities and InvestmentsSECURITIES MARKETSsecurities stocks and bonds which represent a securedassetbased claim on the part of the investors that can be bought and soldstockholders have claim on some of a corporations assets because each share represents part ownershipbonds represent financial claims for money owned to holders by a companybonds are sold to raise longterm fundsthe market where stocks and bonds are called securities marketsPrimary and Secondary Markets for Securitiesprimary securities market the sale and purchases of newly issued stocks and bonds by firms or governmentnew securities are sometimes sold to one buyer or a small group of buyersthese private placements allow the businesses that use them to keep their plans confidentialInvestment Bankingmost new stocks and some bonds are sold to the wider public marketto bring a security into the market the corporation must get approval from a provincial securities commissionalso needs the services of an investment bankerserve as fin
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