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MGTA03 Ch 5

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

MGTA03 Ch 5Globalization the integration of markets globallyImports products that are made or grown abroad and sold in Canada Exports products made or grown in Canada that are sold abroad Trade btw nations can be traced back to 2000 BC North African trade w ME The major world marketplaces North America Europe AsiaPacific Per capita income the average income per person of a country High income countries PCI greater than 10 065 Canada US Europe Australia Upper middle income countries PCI btw 3 25510 065 Greece Poland Hungary Low middle income PCI btw 8253255 Columbia Thailand Guatemala Low income PCI less than 825 low literacy rates weak infrastructures unstable govt The US is the single largest marketplace and Canada plays a major role in the intl economyUS and Canada are each others largest trading partner Mexico has become a major manufacturing centre especially for its export of automobiles and automobile partsEuropean Union EU estbd in 1992 helped make Europe a unified marketplace Major intl firms such Unilever Royal DutchShell are all headquartered in Western Europe Ecommerce and technology has helpedAsia Pacific consists of Japan China Thailand Malaysia Singapore IndoThey focus on the automobile electronics and banking industries Toyota Toshiba Samsung Hyundai ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations countries of AsiaPacific founded in 1967 for economic political social and cultural cooperation 500 million popn GNP of 800 billion Absolute advantage a nations ability to produce something more cheaply or better than any other country Eg Brazilian coffee beans Cdn timberComparative advantage a nat
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