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MGTA03 Ch 9

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

MGTA03 Ch 9Human resource management set of organizational activities directedattracting developing and maintaining an effective workforceJob analysis a detailed study of the specific duties in a particular job and the human qualities reqd for that jobJob description the objectives responsibilities and key tasks of a job the condts under which it will be done its relsh to other positions and the skills needed to perform itJob specification the specific skills education and experience needed to perform a jobA good sales forecast are a good foundation as are historical ratios that predict demand for types of employees Forecasting the supply of labour involves 1 forecasting internal supplythe number and type of employees who will be in the firmsome future data 2 forecasting external supplythe number and type of ppl who will be available for hiring f the labour marketlarge Replacement charts an HR technique that lists each important managerial position who occupies it how long theyll probably stay in it before moving on and who by name is now qualified or soon will be qualified to move into itAllows sufficient time to plan developmental experiences for ppl identified as potential successors to critical managerial jobs Employee information systems skills inventories computerized systems that contain info on each employees education skills work experience and career aspirations Top 3 work characteristics employers look for are a good work ethic reliability and willingness to stay on the job Recruiting the phase in the staffing of a company where the firm seeks to develop a pool of interested qualified applicants for a positionInternal recruiting considering present employees as candidates for job openings promotion f within External recruiting attracting ppl outside the organization to apply for jobs methods are advertising campus interviews employment agencies search firms hiring walkinsInternship a shortterm paid position where students focus on a specific project Validation the process of determining the predictive value of infoApplication forms gather info about their previous work history education and jobrelated demographic dataTests ability skill aptitude relevant knowledge Interviews validity can be improved by training interviewers to be aware of potential biases and by increasing the structure more emphasis on testing than interview bc its a poor predictor of job success and ppl have mastered al the right answers Curveball questions are thrown Orientation the initial acquainting of new employees w the companys policies and programs personnel w whom they will interact and the nature of the job Effective orientationjob satisfaction performance and retention
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