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Chapter 5

Notes taken during the lecture for Chapter 5 and 6

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Chapter 5 Part 2 Lecture 6 When a government decides to print a large amount of money, they money itself loses its value inflation, example: US China exports a lot to Us, if US $$ goes down, Chinas economy goes down; US owes China a lot of money; the value of US $$ goes down, it makes it more expensive for Americans to buy Chinese manufactured goods, hence reducing jobs in Chinese exporting industry. So China is mad at US for printing lots of bills. In turn, this is growing US economy, as US$$ value falls, people over the world would buy Us stuff more, exports from US increase, and therefore jobs will increase Barriers to Trade: Competitive Advantage: some countries can make certain products better than others because they have access to the resources to make it faster cheaper and easier. Othe
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