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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Ch.5 Globalization - the integration of markets globally Imports products that are made or grown abroad and sold in Canada Exports products made or grown in Canada that are sold abroad The Contemporary Global Economy Capital mobility the movement of money from country to country Business today are aggressively encouraging international trade Freely opening their borders to foreign businesses by offering incentives for their own domestic business New technologies make international travel, communication, and commerce increasingly easier, faster, and cheaper The Major world Marketplaces Three major places: North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific Per capita income average income per person as a measure to divide countries into one of four groups 1. High income countries capita greater than $10 065 US. Include: Canada, YS, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, the United Arab emirates, Israel, Singapore, and Taiwan 2. Upper middle income countries capita between $3225 and $10 065 US. Include: Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland and most of Soviet Bloc, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa 3. Low middle income countries less than $825 US. Include: Colombia, Guatemala, Samoa, and Thailand www.notesolution.com
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