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Chapter 3

Chapter 3-MGTA04

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Chapter 3 -Managing Information Systems and Communication Technology Information Management:An Overview  information managers o manager responsible for activities needed to generate, analyze and disseminate information that companies need to make decisions  information management o internal operation that arranges the firm's information resources Data vs. Information  data o raw facts and figures .e.g. advertising of toothpaste went up by 23%  information o usefully interpreted data Information Systems  information system o organized method of transforming data into information  steps for using data for decisions making o determine what info is needed o gather data o convert data into info o control the flow of info (so it only goes to the people who need it) The Expanding Scope of Infromation Systems  IS applications were more technically focussed before e.g. processing payroll data, now they are used to analyze management problems e.g. employee absence and turnover  IS is now very important in business planning  there is increased interdependence between the company's business strategy and its IS Electronic Business and Communications Technologies Electronic Information Technologies  electronic information technologies (EIT) o IS applications that are based on telecommunications technologies o EITs use netowrks of appliacnes or devices e.g. cellphones  6 most commonly used o fax machine o voicemail o email o electronig conferencing  includes data conferencing: allows people to work simultaneously on the same document o groupware  allows individuals to communicate electronically between computers o digital information services Data Communication Networks  data communication networks o e.g. www o global netowrks that permit users to send electornic messages  difference between internet and www o internet-network of networks o www-a way/method of accessing info on networks  Internet service provider (ISP) o commercial firm that maintains a permanent connection to the internet and sells temporary connections to subscribers  URL o specifies the storage location of eg. Air Canada's web pages  web server o large computers that are customized for managing websited  browser o software that enable the user to access info on the web  directories o type in key words and the directory retrieves a list of websites with titles containing those words  search engine o does not pre-classify web pages into a directory  intranet o internal websites containing info  firewalls o ensure that internal computer systems are not accessible to outsiders  extranets o allows outsiders limited access to a firm's internal info system e.g. seeing what products are available for sale or not Leaner Organizations  leaner companies because have: o fewer employees o simple organizational structures o reduction in middle-management positions (less layers in organizational structure) More Flexible Operations  mass-customization o because of technology, able to produce large amounts of products, but allowing the customer's to customize the product Increased Collaboration  technology is making better collaboration between companies and organizations Netowrking and the Virtual Company  virtual company o can be a temporary team assemble by a single organization or o can be created by several allied firms Greater Independence of Company and Workplace  more and more people are working in the workplace Improved Management Processes  before, top managers did not bother getting all the detailed info from bottom managers (e.g. inventories) because it took so much time to come  now, top managers can find the status of any order and inspect stats etc. Enterprise Resource Planning  enterprise resource planning (ERP) o large informat
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