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Chapter 9

Chapter 9- The 4 Ps- Place

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Management (MGT)
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Bill Mc Conkey

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Chapter 9 The 4 Ps Place1 Explain the distribution mix the different channels of distribution and different distribution strategiesTHE DISTRIBUTION MIXDistribution mix the combination of distribution channels a firm selects to get a product to endusersIntermediaries and Distribution ChannelsIntermediary middlemanany individual or firm other than the product who participate in a products distributionWholesalers intermediaries who sell products to other businesses which in turn resell them to the endusersRetailers intermediaries who sell products to endusersDistribution of Consumer ProductsDistribution channel the path a product follows from the producer to the enduserAll channels must begin with a producer and end with a consumer or an industrial userDirect Distribution of Consumer ProductsDirect channel a distribution channel in which the product travels from the producer to the consumer without passing through any intermediaryMajor on the internetRetail Distribution of Consumer ProductsProducers distribute products through retailersAlso offer internet salesRequires a large amount of floor space both for storing merchandise and displaying it in storesWholesale Distribution of Consumer ProductsPerform the storage functionWholesalers store merchandise and restock it frequentlyDistribution through Sales Agents or BrokersSales agentbroker an independent business person who represents a business and receives a commission in return but never takes legal possession of the productMay be used to represent producers and sell to wholesalers andor retailersAgents generally deal in the related product lines of a few producers and work on a longterm basisBrokers match sellers and buyers as neededThe Pros and Cons of NonDirect Distribution1
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