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Management (MGT)
William( Bill) Mc Conkey

Chapter 1 Service operationsproduction activities that yield tangible and intangible service products ie entertainment transportation educationGoods productionproduction activities that yield tangible products ie textbooks newspaperOperationsProduction managementthe systematic direction and control of the processes that transform resources into finished goodsProduction managersmanagers responsible for ensuring that operations processes create value and provide benefitsOperations processa set of methods and technologies used in the production of a good or a serviceAnalytic processany production process in which resources are broken downSynthetic processany production process in which resources are combinedHighcontact systema system in which the service cannot be provided without the customer being physically in the system ie transit systemLowcontact systema system in which the service can be provided without the customer being physically in the system ie lawn care systemForecastsestimates of future demand for both new and existing productsCapacitythe amount of a good that a firm can produce under normal working conditionsProcess layouta way of organizing production activities such that equipment and people are grouped together according to their functionCellular layoutused to produce goods when families of products can follow similar flow paths Product layouta way of organizing production activities such that equipment and people are set up to produce only one type of goodAssembly linesa type of product layout in which a partially finished product moves through a plant on a conveyor belt or other equipmentUshaped production linesproduction layout in which machines are placed in a narrow U shape rather than a straight lineFlexible manufacturing system FMSa production system that allows a single factory to produce small batches of different goods on the same production lineSoft manufacturingreducing huge FMS operations to smaller more manageable groups of machinesService flow analysisan analysis that shows the process flows that are necessary to provide a service to customers it allows managers to determine which processes are necessaryMaster production scheduleschedule showing which products will be produced when production will take place and what resources will be usedGantt chartproduction schedule diagramming the steps in a project and specifying the time required for eachPERT program evaluation and review technique chartsproduction schedule specifying the sequence and critical path for performing the steps in a project Operations controlmanagers monitor production performance by comparing results with plans and schedulesFollowupchecking to ensure that production decisions are being implementedMaterials managementplanning organizing and controlling the flow of materials from purchase through distribution of finished goodsStandardizationusing standard and uniform components in the production processTransportationthe means of transporting resources to the company and finished goods to buyersWarehousingthe storage of both incoming materials for production and finished goods for physical distribution to customersInventory controlin materials management receiving storing handling and counting of all raw materials partly finished goods and finished goodsPurchasingthe acquisition of all the raw materials and services that a company needs to produce its productHolding costscosts of keeping extra supplies or inventory on handLead timesin purchasing control the gap between customers placement of an order and the sellers shipment of merchandiseSupplier selectionfinding and determining suppliers to buy fromJustintime production systems JITa method of inventory control in which materials are acquired and put into production just as they are neededMaterials requirement planning MRPa method of inventory control in which a computerized bill of materials is used to estimate production needs so that resources are acquired and put into production only as neededBill of materialsproduction control tool that specifies the necessary ingredients of a product the order in which they should be combined and how many of each are needed to make one batch Manufacturing resource planning MRP IIan advanced version of MRP that ties together all parts of the organization into the companys production activitiesQuality controlthe management of the production process so as to manufacture goods or supply services that meet specific quality standardsA key difference between production and service operations is the customers involvement in the latterOperations processes is classified by two categories transformation technology and analyticsynthetic processTransformation technology chemical process fabrication process assemblyprocess transport process clerical process
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