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Chapter 9

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Chapter 9 Securities Market4132012 75300 PM Securities Stocks and bondsWhich represents a secured asset based claim on the part of investor that can be brought and sold Stock holders have claims on some of the cooperation holders assetsBonds represents strictly financial claims for money owned to holders by a company Primary and secondary markets for Securities Primary security Market The sale and purchase of newlyissued stocks and bonds by firms or government Private Placement Allow the businesses that use them to keep their plans confidential Investment banking o Investment bankers Any financial institution engaged in purchasing and reselling new stocks and boundso 3 types of invested banking services They advise the company on the timing and financial terms for the new issuesBy buying the new securities investment bankers bear some of the risk of issuing the new securityThey create the distribution network that moves the new securities through group of other banks and brokers into the hand of individual investors Secondary Security Market The sale and purchase of previously issued stocks and bonesSTOCKS Common shares Individual and other companies buy a firms common shares in the hope that the shares will increase in value Ways to express shares market value and book value Market Value the current price of one share of a stock in the secondary securities market the real value of a share o Reflects buys willingness to invest in a company
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