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Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Productivity and Quality

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Chapter 2 Increasing Productivity and Quality THE PRODUCTIVITY-QUALITY CONNECTION PRODUCTIVITY a measure of efficiency that compares how much is produced with the resources used to produce it measure of economic performance QUALITY a products fitness for use in terms of offering the features that consumers want Responding to the Productivity Challenge Four factors in the process: Customers, quality, productivity, and profits Measuring Productivity LABOUR PRODUCTIVITY partial productivity ratio calculated by dividing gross domestic product by total number of workers Labour is preferred over resources when measuring productivity because actual records or employment and hours worked are recorded Canadian producers that had foreign units were just as productive as foreign owned plants because firms that compete internationally have more reason to be productive Productivity Among Global Competitors Productivity is influenced by technologies, human skills, economic policies, natural resources Domestic Productivity When productivity decreases, one perso
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