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Chapter 9

chapter 9 notes

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Chapter 9Securities stock or buysell bond represent secured asset based claim on the part of investorPrimary securities market buy or sell new stockbond by firm or governmentInvestment banker financial institution engaged in buy or resell new stock or bondadvise company on timing and financial term for new issueunderwriting or buying new securities bear some riskcreate distribution network into investorCommon sharemarket value current price of the share in secondary security market real value of a shareprice influence by companys profit rumour investor relation stockbroker recommendation book value value of common stock express as total OE divided by number of share success company market valuebook valueinvestment traits of common share common share risky change value often sometime no dividend high growth potentialBlue chip stock stocks of well established financially sound firmMarket capitalization market value of stock on stock exchangePreferred share stated value dividend callableInvestment traits of preferred share preferred share less risky cumulative fixed dividend not potential growth cumulative preferred share dividend not paid in past must first pay before to common shareStock exchange organization of indi
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