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Chapter One Textbook Notes

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Management (MGT)
H Laurence

MGTA04 Management II Chapter One Producing Goods and Services Service operations: provide tangible and intangible services i.e. entertainment, food preparation, education Goods production: tangible products i.e. newspapers, burgers Operations (or production) management: systematic direction and control of the processes that transform resources into finished goods Production has been replaced with the term operations to reflect both goods and services production Production managers: responsible for bringing together and coordinating raw materials, equipment and labour under a production plan that creates value and provides benefits; controls costs, quality levels, inventory, and plant and equipment Operations Processes Operation process: set of methods and technologies used in the production of a good or a service Goods production can be classified based on the kind of transformation technology needed or if they either bring together or break down resources Service production is described according to the extent of customer contact required Goods-Producing Processes Types of transformation technology Chemical process: raw materials are chemically altered i.e. production of steel, aluminum, petroleum Fabrication process: mechanically alter the basic shaped or form of a product i.e. woodworking, metal forming Assembly process: puts various components together www.notesolution.com
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