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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Module 1 Introducing Business Communications Notes How Is Business Communication Different? business communication uses specific formatting and style conventions to get the job done the best business communication meets your audiences expectationsof medium, format, style, and toneand achieves your purpose(s), as efficiently and effectively as possible What Does Business Communication Accomplish? business communicationsoral, nonverbal, and writtengo to both internal and external audiences internal audiences are other people in the same organization: subordinates, superiors, and peers external audiences are people outside the organization: customers, suppliers, unions, stockholders, potential employees, government agencies, the press, and the general public business documents have 3 purposes: to inform, to request or persuade, and to build goodwill What Communications Skills Are Integral to Business Success? workers rely on their listening, reading, speaking, interpersonal, and writing skills to get the job done listening, reading, speaking, writing, and working in groups are integral to doing business successfully business, government, and not-for-profit organizationsin fact, all organizationsdepend on written messages people in organizations produce written documents for the record, to inform, request, or persuade How Much Does Correspondence Cost? business correspondence is very expensive, and even more costly when it doesnt work in many organizations, all external documents have to be approved before they go out Poor Writing is Costly poor writing takes more time to read and interpret; it requires more time for revisions; and it confuses and irritates the reader it delays action while the reader requests more information, or tries to figure out the meaning What Makes a Message Effective? an effective, reader-centred business message meets five criteria: 1. The message is clear: the writer chooses the factsand the organization and language to convey those factsthat enable the reader to get the meaning that the writer intended. 2. The message is concise: the write conveys maximum meaning using as few words as possible. 3. The message is comprehensive: the st
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