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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Module 2 Adapting Your Message to Your Audience Notes Who is My Audience? in an organizational setting, a message may have 5 audiences: 1) The initial audience receives the message and routes it to other audiences. Sometimes they tell you to write the message. 2) The primary audience will make the decision to act on your message. 3) The secondary audience may be asked to comment on your message or to implement your ideas after theyve been approved. Secondary audiences can also include lawyers who may use your messageperhaps years lateras evidence of your organizations culture and practices. 4) A gatekeeper has the power to stop your message before it gets to the primary audience. The gatekeeper can be internal, such as the executive assistant or supervisor, or external, such as regulatory boards. 5) A watchdog audience, though it does not have the power to stop the message and will not act directly on it, has political, social, or economic power. The watchdog pays close attention to the transaction between you and the primary audience and may base future actions on its evaluation of your message. The watchdog is usually external. Why is Audience So Important? Audience and the Communication Process the communication process is the most complex of human activities, and audience is central to that process psychological noise includes emotional, intellectual, or psychological interference channel overload occurs when the channel cannot handle all the messages that are being sent information overload occurs when more messages are transmitted than the human receiver can handle Module Summary Communication is the transfer of meaning: both sender and receiver, using multiple symbols and forms of communication, reach agreement on the meaning intended. The communication process includes a sender, receiver, message, channel(s), and noise. True communication is transactional: both parties provide feedback for me
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