Module 4

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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Module 5 Designing Documents Slides and ScreensWhy is design importantEssential to create meaning enable easy reading and understandingHow should I design Paper Pages1Use white spaceEmphasizes the material it separates from the rest of the text easier to readUse headings mix of paragraph lengths lists tabs or indents numbered lists bulletsParallelism begin each item on the list with the same part of speech 2Use headingsWords or short phrases that identify a complete idea and divide your lettermemoreport into sectionsIncrease readability because they summarize what you are about to readShould be specific cover all material until next headingKeep all headings at one level parallelall nouns all questions all complete sentences etc3Limit the use of words set in allcapitals4Use no more than two typefaces in a single documentProportional fonts wider letters take m
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