MGTB90 HBR 1 - Science of Persuasion

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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

MGTB90Business CommunicationWeek 2HBR 1Science of PersuasionFrom behavioural science Persuasion works by appealing predictably to deeply rooted human needs The rest of us can learn to secure consensus cut deals and win concessions by artfully applying six scientific principles of winning friends and influencing peopleThe frustrating part of the experience is that these born persuaders are often unable to account for their remarkable skill or pass it on to othersPersuasion of Principles1LikingPeople like those like them who like themoInfluence people and win friends trough similarity and praiseoCreate early bonds and discover common interests to establish trustworthinessoUncover real similarities and offer genuine praiseoIts much easier to build support for a new project when the people youre trying to persuade are already inclined in your favour2ReciprocityPeople repay in kindoGive what you want to receiveoHelp othersoGifts also have a startling effect on retention3Social ProofPeople follow the lead of similar othersoUse peer power to influence horizontally and not verticallyoThe lesson for exe
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