A+ Notes: Module 1-3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Module 1 Introducing Business CommunicationWhy do we communicateto make meaning express self get work done recognitiontechnology changes how when wheresuccessful commn when 1 consider wanted results 2 adapt message to suit audienceHow is Business Communication Differenttime is moneyget message across clearly efficientlyglobal market makes commn more complicatedgood commn skills neededsought after in workplacepersuasive teamworkWhat does Business Communication Accomplish3 purpose inform request or persuade build goodwillWhat Communication Skills is Integral to Successlisten read interpersonal networking writing working in groupsHow much will I really have to writeMyth Assistants will do all the writingreduction of support staff mgrs do their own writingliteracyhigher employmenthigher salariesMyth use form letterstemplatesonly for routine situations higher positions face unique situations that demand creative solutionswritingform letter prewritten fillintheblank letter designed for routine situationsMyth accountantsengineer dont need to writerequired to write memos emails reports instructionsaccountants earning more are expected to be analytical good commninterpersonal skillsgood writing skillshigher cognitive abilities thinking readingMyth use phoneneed things in writing to keep records convey imprt info make self visibleHow much does Correspondence Costemployees have to spend time writingreading documentscosts in many orgns document must be cycledapproved before going out to externalpoor writing costs time effort lost customers effective commn yields better relationsmore profitWhat Makes a Message EffectiveFocus on the reader 5 criteria1clearfacts language style that allows reader to understand intended meaning2concisemax meaning w min words3comprehensivestyle organization visual impact helps reader read understandact4completeenough info for reader to evaluateact5correctinfo is accurate message has correct spellinggrammarBenefits of becoming a better writergood writing saves timeeasy to readrespond tosaves increases customer response rates persuades for more fundingsaves energyreduce misunderstandings requests for clarification understand issues right away so that discrepancies can be solvedbuilds goodwillpositive image of orgn and writer How do effective communicators analyze business situationsconsider the contextWhats the pointwhat info is communicatedwhy is it imprtWhats my purposewhat is intended results how to make good impression how to change attitudebehaviourWhos my audiencewhat are needswants what do they know what do they want to knowWhere will commn happenwhat is best environment for max meaning transfer ie facetoface to resolve conflict quiet space to read complex infoWhen will commn happenwhat is best time for max absorption how much time for presentation Think Creatively
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