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Chapter 4

Chapter Four Notes

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

Chapter 4 Developing the Informative Presentation 1) Keep the information fresh. New and updated material or a personal experience 2) Make it well organized. Repeat key words, use charts & diagrams 3) Keep it interesting. Use colourful language, share anecdotes, historical information, what ifs, stories, metaphors, case studies & humour. Ask questions or exercises to involve audience 4) Motivate the audience. Let them know whats in it for them right from the start, relevant information Understanding Different Learning Styles people forget what they hear 1) Repeat yourself. Tell them, tell them what you told them, & tell it to them again, but tell it differently 2) Keep it simple. Short easy to remember. Cut your topics into sections and present each one separately 3) Focus on the big picture. Putting It All Together 1) Chronological order. Arranged in order of occurrence or in a time sequence (use time line) 2) Spatial order. Use visuals & space to help audience understand better 3) Geographical order. He
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