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Chapter 5

Chapter Five Notes

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

Chapter 5 Persuasive Presentations How to Organize Your Presentation (refer to page 59-65) 1. Proposition to Proof. State proposition at the beginning, lets your listeners know what you want from them. Prove your proposition with 3-5 points of evidence & an emotional appear. Review the evidence. Works well with favourable audiences, possible with uninformed, apathetic, favourable mixed groups, but not good for hostile & hostile-mix audiences. 2. Problem to Solution. State the problem then present a solution from your point of view. Make sure problem is explained clearly. 3-5 points & supporting material, review & memorable closing. Same audience as proposition. 3. Reflective. Start with a problem then prove that it exists, then establish the criteria to evaluate and select a solution. Risk is that audience might be unsure what you are advocating. Make sure to eliminate other points of view as viable. Excellent for analytical people, hostile & hostile- mixed groups. Overkill for favourable, uninformed & apathetic audiences. 4. Motivated Sequence. Used most in sales, leads
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