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Chapter Eight Notes

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

Chapter 8 Using Visual Aids Effectively Our ability to retain information increases by 40% when visual aids are used Help the audience to see what is being discussed Allows complicated information to be broken down into parts, making audience comprehension easier Allows you to move, remind you of what to say & when to say it; reduce tension & stimulate interest 4 Basic Rules When Using Visual Aids 1. Leave it up long enough for your audience to look it over before you begin talking about it. 2. Dont talk to the screen, talk to the audience. Visual aid on your left, point with your left 3. Practice before your presentation. Comfortable working with the visual aids & equipment 4. Keep going if something goes wrong with the visual aids or equipment. Be prepared to present without them, turn the machine off if necessary Types of Visual Aids You Use Depends On The length of your presentation, audience size,
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