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Chapter Eleven Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
J Howard

Chapter 11 Delivery Techniques: The Three Vs (visual, vocal, verbal) The Visual (55%) Dress for Success Unsure of what to wear, ask the person who has scheduled you to present or talk to other in the company For men: dark colours such as navy blue, gray & black communicate power & authority Grooming Guidelines Clean hair Clean, well-pressed, unspotted clothing, clear glasses, no glasses hanging on chains or other devices Polished, clean, white teeth, good breath, facial hair (trimmed for men, removed for women) Check a full-length mirror 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy 1. Does the garment fit? 2. Can you sit down without the buttons pulling in front? 3. Did you use a 3-way mirror to check front, back, and side views? 4. Can you move & gesture easily? 5. Does it create the image you want? Stand Up Straight! Posture is Important My feet are hip width apart, arms by my sides, shoulders are over hips, neck is free, back is lengthening & widening, posture is good When sitting: sit up straight, spine straight & with feet flat on the floor, no slouching Be Aware of Your Facial Expressions Put a mirror next to your desk at work to see your face, practice smiling & looking present Gesture Are Part of the Visual Picture Heightened conversion Visual reinforcements of the words & ideas you are trying to communicate to your audience Hand, arm, head movements & can enhance your presentation or detract from it 12 Steps to Effective Gesturing Use gestures sparingly to emphasize major points Let your movements be broad & flowing, not fast & jerky Vary your gestures www.notesolution.com
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