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Chapter Fifteen Notes

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

Chapter 15 Questions & Answers An opportunity for you to shine & to clarify your ideas further Dos and Donts for the Qs and As Do Let the audience know when you will be taking questions Encourage the audience to ask questions Listen carefully & rephrase questions before answering Look at the questioner while rephrasing the question, but look at the audience while you are answering Call on experts in the audience but take back control after they have responded Set a time limit to control hostile questioners Answer briefly but succinctly End the Q&A period with a closing remark Dont Let a stage hog take control Treat a hostile questioner with hostility Lie; if you dont know an answer, say so Be long-winded Encouraging Questions Start with a question I am usually asked is to help shy audience start asking Be closer to the audience, step out from behind your lectern If no one asks questions, wrap up your presentation with some final words. Keep remarks brief & end with a strong finish Controlling Questions If question will be covered later on, say so Let audience know you will be taking Q&A after the presentation Avoid lengthy respo
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