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Chapter 002

Management Communications - Chapter 002

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGT)
J Howard

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR PAL (PURPOSE,AUDIENCE, LOGISTICS) 30 January 2014 (Chapter 2, p.15-22) PURPOSE 3 types of purposes: informative, persuasive, or special occasion. INFORMATIVE SPEECH Given to share information with others. Objective is for information to be related as clearly and effectively as possible. You want material to be interesting to capture listener’s attention and for them to retain information. PERSUASIVE SPEECH Used to generate action by the audience or influence behavior. Can be used in a logical approach, feeling and emotion, or speaker’s credibility to appeal to the audience. SPECIAL OCCASION PRESENTATIONS Anything from welcome speech, introductory speech, acceptance speech, or exit speech. Once you have determined the type of presentation you will be giving, identify whom you will be speaking to. AUDIENCE Who are they and what do they expect from you. When you are able to choose the topic yourself, knowing who composes the audience will le
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